US Dollar days already numbered


USD days are already numbered, and being cut short too by the recent fiscal disasters.

And I can tell you that the bond markets are not going to tolerate this situation with the US fiscal deficits for long - in fact they may not even have the money to carry 2 or 3 $trillion a year of US T issuance alone.

So, in spite of the fact there is this USD deleveraging going on now that is strengthening the USD, let's be objective/honest and realize we are very near the end of the present world financial structure - and anyway we already see it in a shambles now. And this shambles is probably merely a secondary effect of the USD entering its final days.

I think we have 2 to 4 years left max before a major USD devaluation appears, probably rather suddenly.

Some things that will happen when the USD goes bye bye

What you can expect in the US and probably every other country over the next several years:

So we are not going to list all the outcomes. But you get the idea. Any moves you make need to start being done now, not at the time of crisis. Most of the people in the US/West have no idea of just how fragile the USD really is, and will just take the hits to their accounts. I estimate that less than 1 in 100 people will make any preparations or moves at all. The problems I outlined above will likely happen all over the world, not just to the US.

China already anticipating trouble


Which is why China is already making moves, big ones and rather quickly too, to position the Yuan to take over if necessary (in Asia or the China trade sphere).

Commenting on my 2 to 4 year estimate of life for the USD from now, remember I stated that the Chinese move in advance, and are NOT only reactive like the US is. The preparations the Chinese are making now just reinforce my 2 to 4 year USD estimate - as the Chinese are already making significant preparations for a post USD dominated world.


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